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September 14, 2017 0 Broadband

VoIP Is Crucial To Your Business. Learn Why!

Technology is advancing rapidly and companies are becoming increasingly aware that it is best to leave behind the products and services that will soon become obsolete and bet on new solutions.

VoIP has revolutionized the telephony business by providing solutions to the inefficiencies that have plagued the market. Companies that take into account VoIP may be looking for the cost savings or the lack of maintenance that this type of telephony supposes. Although it is still considered a new technology has existed for more than a decade.

Today, companies willing to operate in the most efficient way bet on IP telephony, since what they are looking for are complete competitive solutions that provide flexibility, savings, and productivity.


There are some advantages beyond the cost to choose IP telephony:

The first advantage and the most important is the cost, a call via VoIP telephony is in most cases much cheaper than its equivalent in conventional telephony. This is basically because it uses the same network for data transmission and voice, conventional telephony has fixed costs that IP telephony does not have, hence it is cheaper. Usually, for a call between two IP phones, the call is free, when a call is made from an IP phone to a conventional phone the cost is borne by the IP phone.

The biggest advantages that a user can see is the savings in long distance calls since the communications will not depend on the time in the air. It is like the service charged by downloading music in MP3, videos, chat or sending emails besides browsing the pages of your interest.

IP telephony also facilitates telecommuting, since employees can have an IP phone in their home (as long as they have a connection), with the same benefits and possibilities as if this extension were physically in the company.

Another great advantage of IP telephony is that you can call a landline or mobile phone anywhere in the world to transmit fax, voice, video, and email by phone, messaging and e-commerce. That is, the great variety of services provided by a single operator is one of the great advantages that home and corporate users see.

You can also leave a voice message in case you cannot establish the call and receive it via e-mail through an audio file, and the possibility of receiving faxes in PDF format to the e-mail address that interests you. Although, every time the fax is used to a lesser extent, it is still necessary and receiving it on paper is more expensive and less secure.

Flexibility is another of its strengths, as it adapts to the needs of each client without limit of growth or casualties. And lastly, we must highlight the savings it entails, since it does not involve an initial investment and from the first month entails a cost in telephony up to 70% lower than a traditional solution. It is recommended to choose a good VoIP service and compare what each company offers you.