In Intellus Technologies we have been installing and maintaining voice and data communication systems with IP technology in medium and large scale organizations for many years, and we already have a huge number of satisfied customers. Our VoIP solutions will provide you with the following benefits:

  • Improve Customer Care
  • Improve communication among your employees
  • Simplify and reduce costs in your communication systems

Intellus Technology VoIP allows you to obtain a wide range of advanced communication features for your business. Conference calling, virtual fax, IVR, call recording, call forwarding, call flow editor and much more.

In addition to saving money, Intellus Technologies VoIP brings other important benefits, including a wealth of interesting features and consequently more communication power. Our VoIP service also enables businesses to take full advantage of corporate unified communications.

We can offer you the following solutions from our catalog:

Integrated Telephone System:

Intellus Technologies provides you with an integrated telephony solution through the provision of physical IP telephones, call plans, and virtual numbering. We are committed to offering you the best service that suits your needs.

Solid Experience:

The solid experience in the telecommunications sector makes Intellus Technologies one of the best VoIP provider for local and international companies. Thousands of businesses already rely on Intellus Technologies. Do not wait for more.

Asterisk Technology:

We design and implement high quality and reliable systems. For this, we work with the best technology partners in VoIP terminals for the part of cardboard, gateways, and SBCs.

Cisco Systems IP PBXs:

Cisco is a world leader in IP PBX systems. Intellus has certified engineers in Cisco technology who can offer you the best solution for your needs.

IP Gateway Systems:

It allows you to integrate your conventional PBX into an IP voice environment. In this way, you can access your functional or cost benefits, without having to make a big investment.

Unified IP Telephony Solutions Between Multiple Sites:

Latest IP telephony allows us to integrate into a single system. This will reduce costs, simplify the management of telephony, and improve communication between your different employees.

Converged Networks for Voice and Data in IP:

In order to have a good telephony and data system, it is necessary to have a robust and well-sized network. For this purpose, we work with the best technology partners and we have qualified and duly certified engineers.

Register Your IP Line in a Simple and Fast Way!

Intellus Technologies, operates its voice services through a platform specifically designed for use in high latency networks, ensuring the highest quality calls to any international destination to all our VSAT customers. We offer the best value for money to our customers and the possibility of interconnecting their headquarters worldwide, resulting in a considerable saving in telephone consumption.

We approach telecommunications in the form of business solutions for your company.

Hire your communication services with us!