Are you ready to migrate your hosted environment, but are not sure where to begin? Do not worry. Our experienced team can help you migrate your servers, databases, applications and email between dedicated cloud and virtual environments.

Intellus Technologies can improve efficiency and reduce the complexity of your storage and data environment while optimizing your existing systems. Our data migration consultants analyze and design systems to improve effectiveness, reduce costs and apply scalability to meet business needs while ensuring the security of the whole suite.

Elimination of Duplicate Data

We help organizations simplify these complex tasks, ensuring the coexistence of systems while migration or synchronization takes place. The goal is always to impact as little as possible on the productivity of users, for which we carefully plan all phases of the data migration.

Our data migration services include the extraction of data in the source system, its transformation to the desired format, the load on the target system and the final verification to confirm its validation with the source data.

Intellus Technologies will help you achieve your data service goals by moving your legacy architectures to a homogenous storage solution within your environment. Our main objective is the modernization of the storage infrastructures that allow the protection and end-to-end recovery of the data.

Migrations to Meet Your Needs

Intellus Technologies can perform reliable data and email migrations that specifically meet your organization’s needs. We have years of experience in efficiently performing data and email migrations from a variety of source systems to relaying the most commonly used target systems, minimizing and often completely bypassing downtime.

Data Migration

  • Integral solutions including services, hardware and software
  • Analysis of current data and storage environment
  • Examination of data access requirements and requirements to ensure the target solution meets the required criteria
  • Design the target data environment with the needs and requirements of customers in mind
  • Plan and migration schedule to meet the needs of your business
  • Project management from start to finish

Email Migration

  • Integral solutions including services, hardware and software
  • Analysis of the current email environment
  • Review of email requirements
  • Tailor made migration process
  • Plan and migration schedule to meet the needs of your business
  • Project management from start to finish

Why Intellus Technologies?

With years of experience, our system technicians will help you migrate your servers without loss of data and with minimal downtime. Let our team of experts relieve you of the burden of this responsibility and manage the entire migration process for you.

Zero Loss of Data

Data loss is a common problem in migrations that have not been correctly planned. This occurs when data is updated on the source server after the data has been copied to the destination server, but the DNS’s continue to point to the old server. By carefully synchronizing the data, the data loss is reduced to zero.

Compatibility Resolution

When migrating data between different software versions or with totally different server software, the data must first be converted to an interchangeable format. We conducted a pre-migration audit to identify all of these constraints, and systematically solve them to ensure a seamless transition to the new system.

Minimum Inactivity Time

During a migration, the data transfer, the suspension of the service and the synchronization of DNS must be programmed to perfection to reduce the time of inactivity of the domains. By creating a detailed list of failure points, careful monitoring for service continuity and testing of data received by the destination server, the inactivity time is kept to a minimum.

24 Hour Availability

Due to the very nature of migrations, where critical service data must be moved, the most appropriate time to do so is during the night or on holidays. This way, the server change is practically imperceptible for users. We adapt to your hourly needs and we are available in range 24/7.

The transfer of information from one place to another is one of the most critical moments. Intellus Technologies ensures that the data migration is performed correctly ensuring the integrity of the information. Forget the worries that carry this type of tasks and leave it in the hands of a specialist team.