We offer you our experience in local server management. We guarantee the permanent operation of both web applications and services that have been implemented in your company.

Our local server management service is focused on clients who are looking to outsource their complete IT management. Our local server management team includes highly specialized and experienced system administrators ready to provide the highest quality technical support. Our installations, equipment, software and networks of the highest level give them an optimum work environment.

We also care about the security issues, we improve the security of your server to reduce as much as possible the risks to your business. If you do not have the technical knowledge to manage Linux/Windows systems, you can trust us with this work, our team of technical professionals will be in charge of detecting the attacks made on your server and solve the problems caused, locate the vulnerabilities and correct them, work In the best way so that the administration of a system, is not any problem for the webmaster.

Tasks that we perform for the Administration of Servers:

  • View and modify server roles and features installed on the server.
  • Perform administration tasks associated with the server’s operational life cycle, such as starting or stopping services and managing local user accounts.
  • Perform administration tasks associated with the operational lifecycle of functions, role services, and features installed on the server.
  • Determine server status, identify critical events, and troubleshoot or troubleshoot configuration errors.
  • Perform full backups of all servers daily.
  • Periodic backups are performed on different servers and these are restored on new machines.
  • Automation of tasks in servers.
  • Monitoring 24 hours a day.
  • We have an expert team in the administration of servers.
  • We offer Managed Servers with the maximum guarantee.