In this tech-savvy era, digitizing your documents is an innovative way to improve your productivity and free up resources. For this reason, more and more organizations today are going paperless to maximize their efficiency and output and reduce operational costs. Document digitization not only improves data and make it easily accessible, but also limits the risks of misfiling or misplacing of papers and protects your important information from natural disasters like floods and fires. Document digitization also reduces human workload by eliminating the need of manually entering data into the systems and printing and distributing the documents.

At Intellus Technologies, we facilitate help the businesses clear loads of paper bundles and utilize the available office resources for more productive purposes.
We help you convert your important documents into a wide variety of digital formats like .DOC, .TXT, .PDF, .HTML, .XML, .XLS, .DOCX, .XLSX, .TIFF, .GIF, .JPEG, etc.
Since the business documents mainly contain confidential and sensitive customer information, their fall into wrong hands may not only tarnish the business-customer relationship but even lead to legal complications and lawsuits. So it is important to outsource a reliable and trusted partner like us for document digitization.

Our highly-trained experts use cutting-edge digitalization tools and techniques to convert your document into a digital format that can be maintained for a lifetime.
While you focus on your core business, let us digitize your documents to ensure that you achieve organizational agility and competiveness in the marketplace.

Here are various type of documents we convert into electronic formats:

  • Paper Documents
  • Drawings, Maps, Plans, Blueprints
  • Books
  • Photos and Film
  • Newspapers and Magazines
  • Physical Technical Manuals & Documents