Organizations do not change their way of working in an instant. The transformation process entails years and requires resources. Hence we must find a crack to push the change. Our passion is to help companies in their digital transformation process using the most efficient technologies and methodologies.
We offer agile transformation services so that companies can improve and move towards technological transformation in an orderly, agile and flexible way. This means that we help them to manage the changes in a rational and flexible way while understanding the current reality and the future objectives.
At Intellus Technologies, we believe that organizations will be better able to react to the market and enjoy a more open environment for innovation and transformation when they have an agile infrastructure that has the capabilities of cloud computing and new models of outsourcing.
Advantages of Agile Transformation
The implementation of digital processes has been rapid and very profitable. These are some of the main advantages that it offers with respect to the traditional methods of management:
• Generates new communication channels for the client
• Perform all types of functional tasks of company management
• Diversifies the possibilities of business
• Give quick answers to unexpected changes
• Improves the internal actions of the company
• Generates large-scale data analysis tools
Intellus Technologies adopts a three-phase approach to creating an agile infrastructure that is manageable, cost-effective and minimally disruptive to day-to-day operations.
Phase One: Start with a comprehensive consolidation and standardization program to reduce complexity, expenses, operations, and management challenges.
Phase Two: Overlaying a virtual stratum on the newly standardized IT environment.
Phase Three: Allow the full use of the technology. Organizations will be able to use the IT capabilities of independent vendors and pay only for the type of service or resources they use.
The agile transformation of the company has been a new paradigm in the business world. In digital change, agility plays a leading role. The agile transformation of the company requires permanent adaptation, and agility that facilitates processes of continuous adaptation.
Digital adaptation not only influences internal processes, it is also a key to public-brand relations. It is an effective and immediate channel of communication, capable of presenting scenarios of the encounter between the company and its customers.