We offer a wide range of IT services for more productive and efficient work flow. We help companies save time and money on their information systems by offering reliable services appropriate for each company.

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Cloud Consulting Services

Intellus cloud consulting includes a team of architects, implementation engineers, developers and project managers focused on the successful implementation of your cloud strategy. Intellus Consulting team specializes exclusively in Cloud solutions and is comprised of experts familiar with best practices. Our cloud consultancy team offers companies the technology and experience to transition to the cloud safely and efficiently. We design and implement custom cloud solutions based on cloud services.

When the security of data and availability of services of an organization are at stake, making the decision to go to the cloud is not easy. We offer a full range of cloud consultancy services that support organizations of all sizes to reduce traditional infrastructure costs, mitigate software installation activities, and maximize time to focus on your core business.

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Cloud Innovation Services

Intellus Technologies offer an advanced Cloud Innovation Services in the market. We can help you to connect your company and current programs in the cloud, allowing access from any location and device. We improve your business making it more productive, dynamic and efficient. We help customers plan the future of their networks and accelerate financial performance.

Our cloud innovation services and solutions enable organizations to accelerate access to the resources and technological environments necessary for the implementation of innovative digital projects and to make them evolve over time. Many companies are looking for strategic partnerships to advance innovation on a large scale. With Intellus Technologies Cloud Innovation Services, you can also boost growth, reduce costs and release resources.


With the vision and the objective of our clients concentrating on the core business of their respective businesses, Intellus Technologies offers comprehensive solutions of outsourcing. Through the outsourcing solutions, we allow our clients to have more resources to dedicate themselves to the essential tasks of the business itself, by delegating to their technological partner the management of part of the functions of their IT area, guaranteeing the highest levels service and value added.

Depending on the type of Outsourcing you have contracted, you will have at your disposal a professional team with experience to develop projects. Save on the equipment of the area to perform all the functions that your company needs.

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