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September 13, 2017 0 Broadband

Why Cyber Security is Essential for a Company?

In recent years more and more frequent cases of computer attacks reported by the media.

Companies and organizations of great reach and reputation, such as JP Morgan, eBay, Sony Pictures, Apple, Citigroup and even the Pentagon of the United States, have suffered breakdowns of computer security affecting not only clients and investors, but putting at risk security at national and regional levels.

We are facing a new threat and, in a world undergoing such a voracious digital transformation, we must stop and consider carefully how we can protect our companies and organizations from these attacks.

The breaks to the computer security nowadays translate into economic losses that, in some of the cases of the companies mentioned above, manage to exceed the billions of dollars. Stealing of corporate information can not only undermine trust in the company, but jeopardize its survival.

Many companies tend to underestimate, not only the possibility of a major attack happening to them, but, once it happens, it implies unbearable losses. Recently, many CEOs have been invited to resign due to cyber-attack events. Many acknowledged at the time that these events could have been avoided.

The migration of day-to-day services to the digital sphere makes more relevant the need to protect systems from possible attacks. A thief no longer has to enter armed to a bank to steal thousands and even millions of dollars, you can do it from the comfort of a computer, from anywhere in the world. Medical records, purchase history, credit card information, almost everything is online.

Knowing the risks of sensitive data is crucial. Risk analysis for data is to detect, identify and classify data so that data managers can take tactical and strategic measures to ensure their safety.

Organizations should not only have absolute control over sensitive data, but should also be aware of the dangers that lurk in order to ensure compliance with privacy policies and laws. It is also necessary to monitor suspicious activity, access unauthorized data or unauthorized transfer, and implement notifications, alerts or security checks to correct the problem, if necessary.

Today, the need for strong cyber security measures is evident, as the proliferation of cyber-attacks is causing increasing damage to enterprises and they must respond to this growing threat by adopting strict cyber security measures.

Although Internet has contributed a lot in recent years, access to it inevitably means that our organizations are exposed to cyber security risks, and as the Internet evolves and networks become larger and larger, security has become one of the most important factors to consider for companies.

It is irrefutable: the larger the organization, the more likely it is that a virus infects the system, so it is increasingly essential to hire cyber security specialists. Taking into account the seriousness of cyber-attacks, we must consider having the latest technologies to safeguard our data as much as possible, knowing in advance the possible threats that can damage the network, since one of the keys to success lies in knowing how to detect the vulnerability of each system to ensure security.