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September 13, 2017 0 Broadband

Key Advantages of a Cloud Storage Service

Cloud storage service provides ease of storing and sharing large files on the Internet

. But many entrepreneurs are still uncertain about the efficiency and safety of these systems. All companies can benefit regardless of size or segment. The fact of migrating to the cloud should be seen as an opportunity to leave behind certain systems and replace them with new, economic technologies and, in addition, offer various benefits to their customers.

Advantages of Cloud Storage:

File Backup

The main advantage and the most obvious is the possibility of having a backup or copy of all our files in a safe place. A place where we can trust and surely be more careful than our own PC, which can be stolen, destroyed or even formatted by accident.

Low Costs

Clearly, another of the advantages of the cloud is the low costs it has in relation to the provision of local servers in a home or business setup. Most cloud services have free and paid options; if we focus on the latter, costs can range from $ 30 per year onwards depending on the service required.

For this amount of money would be almost impossible to afford a local server, in addition to the maintenance costs and the time of attention to be devoted to them would end up taking much more money than the already mentioned 30, 40 or 50 dollars that can cost the cloud.


Another advantage of hosting our files in the cloud is that we can access the files no matter the place or the time, besides giving keys we can give access to anyone who wants to contribute with us for a project.

If we work with a multiplicity of people or are starting a business from a distance, the cloud offers us the possibility to work by exchanging information and ideas no matter how far away the participants are.

Constantly Updated

Technology is constantly changing, and we all know that. Cloud services allow us to get rid of the need to update both hardware and software as it is the provider who takes care of this and we as users should do nothing to be in the line of the new or revolutionary.

Supporting the Vanguard

Perhaps the last advantage that we should consider is not as beneficial to us as it will be for the rest of the world, but will have a side effect in the years to come. By using cloud technology we are promoting companies that will surely be the ones that reign the world of tomorrow in relation to where our data will be housed.

Continuing to motivate the cloud means to start eliminating devices such as hard disks or mobile memories so that everything is working at a distance, this will ultimately allow both PCs and portable devices to dispense with storage memories in order to improve others parts.