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Intellus Technologies bet on providing comprehensive solutions that allow companies to save costs as well as focus on adding value to their business priorities.


Our current client portfolio is made up of large companies. We create strong, lasting and satisfying business relationships for both the client and our company.

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We offer our clients a 24/7 support. In this way, we provide security and solution to unforeseen events quickly and effectively.

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Cloud Services
Cloud Services

Intellus Technologies provides reliable cloud services to better meet your organization’s needs. We have a specialized technical support resources to take care of your IT needs and services.

  • Infrastructure as a Service (IAAS)
  • Desktop as a Service (DAAS)
  • Platform as a Service (PAAS)
  • Cloud Assessment Services
  • Cloud Cost Optimization Services

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Cloud Video Surveillance

Cloud-based solutions have become increasingly popular in nearly all facets of life over the last few years. Having the potential for more storage, remote access to data and minimal cost, it isn’t no wonder that why cloud has been growing at such a rapid pace.

Like other cloud computing solutions, the popularity of cloud-based video surveillance system has rapidly increased in recent times thanks to its unlimited storage, 24/7 accessibility, hassle-free installation and maintenance, increased stability and cost-effectiveness.

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Cyber Security

We have worked in the area of cyber security for many years. Our mission is to provide cyber security solutions such as auditing, internal and external evaluation, infrastructure vulnerabilities, risks, etc. Intellus Technologies helps organizations plan and execute an integrated cybernetic approach to improve business operations, increase performance, and advance customer service, without compromising security or privacy.

Our vision is to be the most advanced and dynamic research center conducting research for cyber security in order to help users compete in the world of technology. We have worked with government and private sector to provide excellent cyber security services. Our services are flexible to respond to the needs of our clients.

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IT Support Services

Our local server management service is focused on clients who are looking to outsource their complete IT management. Our local server management team includes highly specialized and experienced system administrators ready to provide the highest quality technical support. Our installations, equipment, software and networks of the highest level give them an optimum work environment.

We also care about the security issues, we improve the security of your server to reduce as much as possible the risks to your business. If you do not have the technical knowledge to manage Linux/Windows systems, you can trust us with this work, our team of technical professionals will be in charge of detecting the attacks made on your server and solve the problems caused, locate the vulnerabilities and correct them, work In the best way so that the administration of a system, is not any problem for the webmaster.

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Migration Services

Are you ready to migrate your hosted environment, but are not sure where to begin? Do not worry. Our experienced team can help you migrate your servers, databases, applications and email between dedicated cloud and virtual environments.

Intellus Technologies can improve efficiency and reduce the complexity of your storage and data environment while optimizing your existing systems. Our data migration consultants analyze and design systems to improve effectiveness, reduce costs and apply scalability to meet business needs while
ensuring the security of the whole suite.

  • Cloud Migration Services
  • Data Center Migration Services
  • Application Migration Services
  • Data Migration Services
  • Servers Migration Services

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Project Services

Our project management services are designed to assist you in various projects, allowing you to focus on your key business objectives. Our experienced project managers in the industry are trained to conduct project coordination, communication, and budget management to ensure that your projects are completed within the established budget and time frame, which avoids costly excess and saves you time and money.

Our project management is based on a comprehensive vision of the organization while analyzing stakeholders from a business perspective. Based on the vast experience in projects of all scales, in multiple industries and in diverse organizational and cultural contexts, we apply the good practices of the industry with pragmatic criteria, in order to ensure the effectiveness of the projects and those of the organizations in which they are inserted.

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Other Services

Intellus Technologies provides reliable cloud services to better meet your organization’s needs. We have high-quality servers and specialized technical support to take care of your storage in a safe, synchronized and protected way. We can help you to carry out your projects safely in the cloud. We offer much more than just infrastructure because it takes much more than a reliable, high-performance infrastructure to succeed in the cloud.

  • Digitization Services
  • VOIP Solutions Services
  • Agile Transformation Services
  • IT Procurement Services
  • Consulting & Strategy Services
  • Data Analytics Services

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Do you offer Windows based hosting?

We offer both Windows and Linux based hosting. Your need depends on what type of job you want to do with your site, like whether you want to create a shopping cart.

Can I use Workspace email on apple devices?

Yes, you can set up and use Workspace Email on your Apple mobile devices

How to upgrade my account?

You can upgrade your account and package on the billing plan on the billing page.

Can I transfer files to my website?

One of the most common problems as you have a lousy web hosting service is the frequent drop off your site, even up to hours for several times a day. For this reason we provide urgent migration of files in order to retain visits, customers and sales on your site.

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